The Universe Says Yes

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Indeed - the universe says yes. Another way of saying: Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right. I like this saying, because it reminds me our thoughts really dictate our experiences. I was talking to my beautiful sister Sunshine, and she has always thought this way. She's an excellent example of positive thinking bringing positive results.

I haven't been doing much meditating on what I want exactly lately, but my mind has been on a constant stream of just doing more radio. Now that I think of it, it's just a given that I only want to work on the air. I joke by saying I'd like to get paid talking, but it's entirely true.

And the dream is coming. This past Thursday I went to 1050 Chum studios to record the first show Your Relationship Radio show with some great professionals. I have a segment and chat with the hosts during the show. It felt great! I was myself, I laughed my loud laugh and I was encouraged to do all of it.

The first installment airs March 7. I know this show will do well. And that means it bodes well for me too.

I am proud of myself for pushing to do what I love.

Again, the universe says yes.

It has been a while

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But here I am.

What's different? To begin with, I'm eating healthier and work out more often. I started a program that has me tracking everything I eat and it's ended up in a 15 pound loss and increased strength and endurance. That feels good.

Also, I auditioned for a part in a small play and wound up with the lead! I'm playing Anansi the Spider, a West African trickster in common folklore. The play is coming up, and is for Black History month as part of a program with elementary school kids. Is it ever fun! I'm avoiding memorizing my lines now but I'll definitely get to it.

GO! is also going well and I'm loving my part. Seems there's also another opportunity come my way to be part of another show on a private station. More on that when I know.

Also! This is the biggest news today - my sister Adjoa recently won at the Cupcake Camp in Toronto. Her chocolate monkey cupcakes are banana cupcakes with peanut butter caramel filling and chocolate peanut butter butter cream under a fondant face. AMAZING!

I know she doesn't need it from me but I am so proud of her. She has such high standards of excellence that it shows in every piece she makes, and I've seen the looks of approval and wonder when she presents people with her creations. Maji, I love you, and I'll be cheering for you forever!

Shoes & Sickness

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I'm off to get a pair of shoes from the repair man. They've been there for about a year. Thankfully, they haven't thrown my shoes out. My partner was surprised. I frankly wasn't. I was never in my mind that they'd throw them out. Moreover, IF they were to throw them out I think it's within professional procedure to call first.

Not long ago, my partner became sick. He had the sniffles and a congested throat. He kept saying, "I'm sick". I said, don't say that. Mostly because I felt he was owning the sickness a bit much. He said, why not, implying that he was just stating a fact. I then started to talk about mind over matter stuff and even found a scientist online who'd done studies on the power of mind over pain and sickness. Results, unsurprisingly, are that a positive mindset can positively affect one's state of pain or sickness.

Sometimes if bothers me that my partner tends to think negatively first. I am the opposite in that I tend to think the best of things and people first.

But opposites attract, and the truth is that I know I've influenced him to think positively sometimes and he's influenced me to be a bit more realistic.

I'm sure he gets annoyed at me about my Polly Anna thinking as much it annoys me about his default-negative thinking.

Just Go For It

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I have a friend who has recently decided to break her partnership with a few friends and strike out on her own.  She owned a business with people who simply don't have the same work ethic she does, and I congratulate her for seeing and knowing she can do anything she wants.

I know she'll succeed on her own, because she's smart and has everything it takes to do well.  Most importantly, she's got a heart of gold, and beauty that emanates from within.

When we take chances, sometimes it's out of hardship or frustration.  But when the chances we take come from pure desire to do what we want, success is usually never far.

Good job, girl.  It's only going to get better from here.

New Chapter, with Emily In It

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When I got laid off from my job as an account executive with an ad company eight months ago, I was not surprised. Not because I hated the job or because I knew I wasn't doing well. In fact, I was under the impression that I was on my way to better things.

I wasn't surprised because I wasn't in the right 'place'. I was in a career that is off from my 'path' enough that going to work was never truly exciting. So when I was let go, I never became depressed or upset or wishing to go back to the same position. It was exactly what I needed.

I was able to sit with myself and realize what I want in life - to be in broadcasting. To be on TV, or radio. Whichever medium, I know I want to host. I want to tell stories.

And I want to have fun. Having secured a spot with public radio, I'm doing exactly what I want. Silly as it may sound, there was a time when I was saying a mantra. It was "I am on television, on a regular basis, being creative, and loving my job." I also did the Law of Attraction Workbook Desire Statement exercise, which culminated in a page describing what my ideal job is. My ideal job included working with fun, smart people who are encouraging and motivated.

I tell you, that's what the folks on the show are like. And I'm not on television yet. So I haven't achieved that goal but believe me when I say that positive thinking, be it in the form of just thinking positive or in the act of reading and doing things that have little scientific proof, WORKS.

It helps that I have the support of a loving partner and a family that has 100% faith in me being able to achieve my goal. It also helps that my friends believe in me and accept me for who I am.

This might be a bit much for some, but it's all true. And I'll continue to do things this way, because it feels good when I achieve.

This brings me to the topic of friendship. At the job I left, I had a boss with whom I felt a strong connection. She has always been supportive, real and hilarious. Our relationship was on two levels by the time I left. The first was employee/employer, and the second was friends. We have remained friends and I've never stopped loving Emily as such.

Today we're having lunch, and I can't wait to tell her what's been going on in my life.

Where's Your Boyfriend?

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Last night I went to the Andrew Buckler menswear official launch party for its new store opening in Toronto. The clothing is a very smart, edgy and wholly Brit-style collection of items I would love to see my man in.


And, picky as he is, I think he might actually like the stuff! Besides, he's British too, so he should like it, right??

Like every launch party, there were drinks, food, music and what I like to call 'fashion people'. These are the types I sometimes envy - but only for the different styles. Not for the attitude. My friend Riley and I enjoyed the food, filled our bellies to offset any oncoming drunkenness as much as we could and proceeded to make friends. Our buddy Mats came, and I met quite a few lovely people, including Riley's friend Don.
Don is the manager of
Fritz Helder & The Phantoms, a wild group of electro-funk pop musicians who I had the lovely pleasure of dancing with at the Buckler after-party at Atelier. I was licked with booze and it was nice. I'm generally quite friendly and even more happy with alcohol so I had just about said hi to anyone who looked pleasant. Only problem with that is meeting men (in one case a silly silly boy) who invariably ask leeringly, "Where's your boyfriend?" as if he must accompany me at all times if I'm to be this jovial.


Anyway, Fritz and Don are FABulous folks. That's me wearing Fritz' glove. He was doing his cute pretty-boy dance with my long scarf earlier.

I also met with a healthy, strapping lawyer-to-be who told me he BIKED TO MISSISSAUGA the other day. I believe that is a fabulous feat, one to which I can only aspire. He was wearing a gorgeous outfit of shorts, a button-down shirt and loafer-type shoes (I think) with such an air of confidence and good-lookingness I thought he was a model.

That was my Wednesday night. Don't ask me how I felt this morning.

Goodbye Jessica & Johann

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Today will be the last day I see my friends Jessica and Johann for a long while. They're moving to Alberta (I live in Ontario) to continue both education and career.

This is a smart couple, each having their own special academic interests - which makes for great conversation. They also have their own dynamic which is funny and sweet.
Johann is hilarious, a big teaser, a bit sneaky (in a good way) and intelligent. Jessica has great energy, is articulate and always surprises me by her knowledge.

Tonight is their going away party, with a cowboy theme as they set off to Calgary.

Good luck on your journey, guys. I'll miss you!!